How Folly Farm uses VenposCloud

The challenge

Voted the best day out in Wales 2016, Folly Farm has become much more than a farm since it opened its doors to visitors in 1988. Now families can see animals from around the world in its zoo, explore the adventure play area and visit the vintage fairground.

Every year, Folly Farm gets bigger and better. In line with this growth, the attraction needed to replace its outdated till system, implementing a management reporting system and improve its online ticketing.

The solution

Vennersys had already successfully implemented a new admissions and electronic point of sale system for Folly Farm. The team rapidly decided to move to online ticketing, which offers more functionality when integrated with admissions systems. The new system monitors visitor numbers, maintains details on spend, visit dates and can be used for promotions and marketing campaigns.

The Folly Farm team then decided to roll out the Vennersys software to its retail function, to cover merchandise, retail outlets, gift experiences and animal adoptions.

A fully integrated system

Folly farm now uses VenposCloud as a comprehensive e-commerce solution which allows its customers to buy tickets, merchandise and tickets to special events and even to adopt an animal, 24 hours a day, throughout the year.

VenposCloud adopts the look and feel of its customers’ websites, so visitors to the Folly Farm website have a seamless online experience, and can print their tickets at home for fast-track entry. These advanced ticket sales really help the team to plan staffing requirements for particularly busy days.

The system also supports validating admission tickets or smart phone/tablet tickets via handheld scanners or at the electronic point of sale, which again offers customers faster admissions.

It also facilitates more detailed capture of information about visitors to create an enhanced database and to analyse visitor demographics for future offers and events. Campaign features allow powerful e-marketing campaigns for pre-selected customer groups and can be used with third party applications including Campaign Monitor and Get Feedback.

Why Vennersys?

Folly Farm chose Vennersys because of its reputation as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of online ticketing solutions to a wide range of visitor attractions across the UK and beyond. Vennersys has been providing integrated ticketing, retail and visitor management software to a wide variety of visitor attractions for over 25 years.





PCI compliance

Personal data security is a hot topic and not just a concern for big businesses. UK visitor attractions need to make sure they meet payment card industry standards.

Attractions failing to achieve PCI compliance now face increased fees from credit card providers, and have to carry their own charge backs on the basis that they are a greater risk.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a worldwide standard set up to help businesses process card payments securely and reduce card fraud. It demands tight controls surrounding the storage, transmission and processing of cardholder data that businesses handle.

Achieving compliance is a time-consuming and expensive task for any attraction, which is why Folly Farm turned to Vennersys to ensure they comply.

The result

Folly Farm has seen growth in online sales since it launched a new website, with stronger calls to action to purchase online tickets, and implemented the online solution from Vennersys.

The Vennersys system can grow and expand in line with the attraction and continues to add new features and functionality to VenposCloud as part of its commitment to delivering the very best in systems solutions for its leisure industry customers.

The benefits

Full e-commerce solution allows online sale of tickets

Integration with VenposCloud facilitates faster admissions

PCI compliance, avoiding increased fees from credit card providers and carrying the cost of charge backs

Fully integrated solution means maximum control of the business with the minimum amount of admin time

Comprehensive CRM solution giving detailed view of customers and facilities pro-active marketing

Achieving compliance

“Achieving compliance is a time-consuming and expensive task for any attraction, which is why we turned to Vennersys to ensure we comply”

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