How Bristol Museums uses Venpos

The challenge

As part of its digitisation process Bristol Museums needed a turnstile and ticket solution to streamline its offer, increase revenue and at the same time cut costs. The project scope was to reduce the overall cost of an exhibition to the service and encourage as many visitors as possible to purchase tickets in advance preferably via the web on smartphones. In addition, staff needed to continue to have controlled access to the space.

The solution

Vennersys and All Right Now teamed up with Bristol Museums to create a digital paid exhibition entry solution with the following key components:

  • Online ticketing for e-tickets and onsite electronic point of sale (Venpos Cloud)
  • A Fastlane turnstile from the UK manufacturer IDL including remote operation capability with integrated access control for both customers and staff including disabled (DDA) access

All the components work seamlessly together from the users’ perspective. A number of complex elements work in sync to provide what is a fairly simple objective: electronically controlled access to a given space.

Venpos at Bristol Museums

Bristol Museums chose Vennersys because of its reputation as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of online ticketing solutions to a wide range of Museum and Heritage venues across the UK and beyond. Vennersys has been providing ticketing, retail and visitor management software solutions for over 25 years.

Venpos Cloud is highly customisable. It adopts the look and feel of its customers’ websites to offer a seamless online experience for visitors, and includes ‘print-at-home’ tickets to facilitate fast-track entry at the turnstiles. The ticketing provided by Vennersys integrates with the turnstile, which has a barcode scanner designed to read smartphones and modern QR codes, to provide customers with a seamless experience.

Unlike most access control environments, the key driver here was that the turnstile is unattended and most users would only use it once, which substantially increased the requirement for accuracy.

Embracing digital technology

Bristol Museums is working to meet the needs of the people using its services, and digital services permeate through the building, infrastructure and the fingertips of the public.

Zak Mensah, Head of Transformation for Bristol Culture team, Bristol City Council, said: “We’re chipping away at ensuring high satisfaction, low cost per transaction and maximising take-up. We’re getting much better at spotting patterns in service use thanks to digital which ultimately allows us to benefit across all areas. We don’t want to leave anybody out and will always ensure we have non-digital means to use us.

“We can better use our resources including staffing by using these systems. We used to use paper feedback surveys that took months to process by hand but we implemented digital surveys over a year ago. Now we can instantly see the feedback, enabling us to respond to obvious problems quickly. Digital done well is also cost effective.”

The result

The entry turnstile was installed at M Shed in the summer of 2016 to coincide with the first exhibition. Over 30,000 people used the turnstiles and the project was a success, reducing cost whilst maintaining high visitor satisfaction. The cost of the turnstiles will be recovered within 12 months through staffing savings and will produce huge cost savings year-on-year.

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The benefits

Full e-commerce solution allows online sale of tickets

Integration with Venpos facilitates faster admissions

Increased revenue and control

Lower staff costs

Ability to sell admission tickets at point-of-sale

Improved customer service and satisfaction

Easy to implement and manage – minimal training required

Adopts corporate website look and feel to enhance visitor experience

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