Analysis & Reporting

­­VenposCloud offers a comprehensive built-in suite of reports for tracking sales and site performance.

Reports are exportable for more detailed analysis or you can talk to us about a sync server for bespoke data views and dashboards. Through the use of intuitive interfaces, even the most complicated transactions are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Management are supported by the provision of concise, timely and accurate information. Reports created using VenposCloud provide management with as much or as little information as required. Management can create their own bespoke reports or access operational standard reports.

Reports which offer you a deeper insight into customer behaviour can easily be extracted from our system/VenposCloud. You can see a report on visitor numbers which will convey on what days and months the attraction is busiest. Additionally, you can learn if you are attracting more unique visitors or return visitors.

Insights from the reports can be used to make informed business decisions such as tailored marketing promotions. The reports may show you that your visitors tend to spend a lot of money on drinks and not food so it could prompt you to create a tailored food promotion. Additionally you
can integrate into all Vennersys online platforms utilising Google Analytics.

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