Membership Management

VenposCloud Memberships makes managing and renewing memberships easy, at point of admission and online.  Facilitating both advanced payment options or annual or monthly direct debit.

Multiple membership types are supported, and the printing of the membership cards is made simple with the customer’s image captured on a web cam.

At point of sale a membership card can be created and printed in less than a minute, encouraging uptake during the admissions process. A site can see entrance activity, purchase activity, you can group together members and see direct debit information such as when payments are due and successful/failed collections. Other advantages include automatic renewal reminders, direct debits, advanced reporting and membership cards that are in line with your brand.

Promotions can be initiated with a membership reference and recorded against transactions, facilitating tracking and analysis of members’ visits, spending patterns, history, providing your business with invaluable data.

The introduction of “My Account” online portal allows your members to view, purchase and benefit from tailored discounts and offers.

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