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Vennersys Ltd has a long history of innovation, collaboration with partners and customers, attracting top industry talent. The modular design, flexibility and scalability of Venpos Cloud means it can provide solutions for visitor attractions operating from two tills to over 100, and one from single site to multi-site attractions. Vennersys Ltd is part of the Professional & Financial Services division of the Christie Group of companies.

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About Us

Vennersys is a cloud visitor attraction solution provider, we empower your teams to digitise all of your visitor attraction ticketing and point of sale processes, thus increasing your income, reduce queues and improve customer service.

Whether your attraction business is across one site or multiple sites, we make your customer journey simple and easy.

Vennersys focus exclusively on the ticketing and visitor attraction space making us your number one choice!

Our Services

Implementation experts with in-depth industry knowledge work hard to get under the skin of your business. From point of sale, back office and digital sales, we have the expertise and experience to implement your perfect solution in a cost effective and timely way.

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What's On

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Rural attractions are known for their charm and beauty. Although, the remote location and natural surroundings can create problems that impact the very systems that are used to ensure the attraction is operating effectively.

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These seasonal holidays offer a welcome opportunity for visitor attractions to bounce back following the coronavirus pandemic.

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September 29, 2021

This summer, the last of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic were removed, with visitor attractions being able to return to business as usual, welcoming visitors back without social distancing rules causing limits on visitor numbers. However, these are still uncertain times, and we understand how important it is for your visitor attraction to take […]

Vennersys is owned by Christie Group plc, which is listed on AIM. Christie Group plc offers a portfolio of professional business services covering surveying and valuation; agency and consultancy; finance, insurance and stock control; and business software solutions in the retail leisure and care sectors.

Our Talented Team

The Vennersys team represents some of the most knowledgeable and experienced talent in the industry. Our team bring decades of insight and expertise to a broad spectrum of functions within the organisation—from product management and development to finance, project delivery and support.

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