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You need to get the most from every available resource: people, hardware and software included. To realise the value of your investment fast, you want to begin using your SaaS solution quickly. Our Rapid Deployment is designed to achieve a fast time to value deployment by implementing your key module functionality first to establish the foundations of your solution, then add functionality over the coming weeks in short agile deployments to ensure that you a receiving a return on your investment in the fastest possible time.

  • Project Planning

    Project Planning starts before you sign with Vennersys. The project plan for your implementation will include specific goals and milestones. These milestones are defined throughout the project, enabling the project manager to review the scope and quality of the project prior to progressing to the next phase of the project.

  • Consultancy

    Comprehensive consultancy services that challenge your processes and extend beyond the basics ensure you have the experts you need throughout your implementation, our proven rapid implementation methodology will ensure that you are up and running in no time with your new solution. Dedicated consultants carry out a full assessment of your requirements and ensure that your solution is tailored for your specific needs. Our agile approach to development ensures that any future software needs are incorporated into the product on a regular basis.

  • Project Management

    Implementing change means challenging the norm. Our experienced Project Managers work with your team to advise, guide and deliver successful projects. Out team will bring valuable expertise, experience and perspective to your project bringing your team together and providing insight and ideas from across the industry. Vennersys Project Managers will help you to redefine best practise and help you innovate into the future.

Our Methodology

Vennersys implement your solution utilising a 5 phase implementation methodology.  Each of the phases are key to ensuring that the project can be delivered to scope, budget and timescales.

What Our Customers Say

Vennersys did a lot of the work for us, I was pleasantly surprised, we sent them all the information for them to do, we just had to make sure that we sent all the information to them at the right time.

Craig Miller, Commercial and Visitor Services Manager
Museums & Galleries Edinburgh

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