Animal Adoption

This module supports creating a new online journey for adoption sales and enabling adoptions to be purchased as a gift or with a voucher. The customer adoption management module includes setting up direct debit subscriptions and allowing online renewals, provides newsletter communication support and certificate management.

Attractions can configure the model of “adopting a species”. So different species of animals can be set up as different animal adoption types, for example a penguin adoption and a lamb adoption are added as two different adoption types. Comprehensive information can be held against the purchaser and the adoptee to enable future communications.

All of the relevant information about the adoption is available such as the start date or the adoption, the expiry date of the adoption, whether the adoption is active or inactive and when it was last used. The system gives you the option of adding a Fact Sheet to each species. The Fact Sheet can contain all the important information about the adoption, and it can be viewed by the adopter on their adoption portal.

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