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We create a one-stop integrated ticketing and point-of-sale solution for your visitor attraction. Increase your income, reduce queues and improve customer service.

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Why should Theme Parks choose us?

Our solution is an ideal fit for the Theme Parks sector. Theme Parks continue to be one of the most recognised and popular industry in the Visitor Attractions market. Theme Parks are in a state of constant evolution and change and they need a solution which is nimble and can adapt quickly. Every year, they continue to attract millions of visitors.

Our solution aims to provide Theme Parks with all the functionality they need to operate efficiently. Access management from Vennersys provides a fast and secure method of guest admittance to your Theme Park venue. Our solution validates and collects usage information in real-time from any of your admission-controlled entrance and exit points. VenposCloud Travel Trade Module allows Theme Parks to create and manage external sales agent accounts that can access the Travel Trade agent portal. Theme Park Tickets can also be easily sold online.

Vennersys is proud to work with a range of leading Visitor Attractions including Curve Motion, Nickelodeon Adventure Lakeside, Century Theatre and Oakwood Theme Park. Vennersys is also a proud trade member of BALPPA.

The Benefits

Our Ticketing and EPOS System provides many Benefits for Visitor Attractions and Theme Parks. Our system provides Visitor Attractions and Theme Parks with a fast and secure method of guest admittance with Access Management. They can also sell tickets Online and create and manage a Travel Trade portal.

  • Access management
  • Tickets & Admission
  • travel trade

How we work

You need to get the most from every available resource: people, hardware and software included. To realise the value of your investment fast, you want to begin using your SaaS solution quickly. Our Rapid Deployment is designed to achieve a fast time to value deployment by implementing your key module functionality first to establish the foundations of your solution, then add functionality over the coming weeks in short agile deployments to ensure that you a receiving a return on your investment in the fastest possible time.

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What Our Customers Say

VenposCloud has significantly improved our admissions process. Tickets for walk in visitors are processed quickly and easily to help us avoid long queues of visitors waiting to enter the castle. Cardiff Castle welcomes over 300,000 paid visitors a year and offers a variety of tours so it’s imperative that we can facilitate admissions efficiently. We have a busy events calendar, hosting historical re-enactments, cinema screenings, theatrical performances and a full lecture series. VenposCloud gives us the option to sell advance tickets, timed tickets and capacity limited tickets which are perfect for our range of events. We would definitely recommend Vennersys to other visitor attractions. It is a cost effective solution that can be suitably tailored to meet the specific needs of the site. We’re certainly happy with the system and the service we’ve received from the team.

Lloyd Glanville, Front of House Manager
Cardiff Castle

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